APi Sound & Visual Get Cryptic Without The Aid of a Crossword!

In the basement of Wesleys Chapel in central London there is a museum of Methodism which houses some of the key articles in the historic journey of this Christian denomination.

It receives visitors from across the world as there are congregations far larger than the UK across the globe.

APi Sound & Visual has been responsible for designing sound and camera systems in the chapel for more than a decade and when the museum put out a tender in 2012 we bid to install the complex audio visual display which was planned to be the centrepiece of the visitor experience. On that occasion we were unsuccessful losing out to a major London contractor.

However the system that was ultimately installed proved to be unreliable and the museum were unhappy with the attempts to resolve the issues. APi were invited to tender for replacing the media players and control system that were at the heart of the problems.

This time we were successful and we have now replaced the system with a new Kramer control unit and two iPads allowing intuitive user control plus automated power control synchronised with opening times. The PC was replaced with more reliable Brightsign media players which have a bullet proof reputation.

The Chapel and Museum are very happy with the end result and we are already in conversation with them regarding the addition of a Portuguese sound track in addition to the English and Korean ones on offer.