BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Andy Pidsley, Managing Director explains what it is and it’s benefits.

So – what is it?

In the wider sense it is allowing workers in an organisation to connect their tablets, smartphones or laptops to the wireless (mostly) data networks that belong to an organisation. It also includes devices that belong to a company but are issued to employees.

In audio visual terms, it is more likely to mean ‘how can I connect my portable device to a projector, flat panel, interactive screen or audio system so that I can share my content with a group of people than could comfortably gather around the small screen in my hands?’

This has been a messy business for some time with issues of ensuring compatibility from a variety of operating systems eg Android, Microsoft and iOS Currently there is are a range of products sold as ‘Wireless Presentation Gateways’ which have been developed to solve this issue. Here, we will take a quick look at WePresent.

WePresent is a professional, simple-to-use wireless presentation system that allows up to 64 users to collaborate and give a wireless interactive presentation from their Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet. No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department. It is a perfect corporate technology solution that adds wireless capabilities to your conference rooms, training rooms, huddle rooms, and other meeting spaces. In education, it works well with traditional classrooms as well as huddle spaces.

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