Princess Yachts New Paging and Sound System

Princess Yachts tagline is ‘Experience the Exceptional’ and while we can’t quite claim that a tannoy and background music system is going to be as exciting as owning a super yacht, we can say that our system is well above average.

Princess approached us having just taken over a new site on the outskirts of Plymouth, so that the central stores for their many locations could be moved there, freeing up space on their manufacturing site for the growing business.

APi Communications has worked with Princess for several years maintaining the site audio communications systems that inform the workforce and keep them entertained.

The new site had no infrastructure so we were able to recommend a new system designed to offer a higher fidelity than often experienced in such locations. This gives a high degree of speech intelligibility and music reproduction that will please even a demanding listener.

The user controls were kept to a minimum so that training was not required for operation and a DAB radio and desk microphone were provided as sources, as well as a PC running software that generates alert tones to signal shift and break times.

Since installation in October things have run smoothly without the need for any calls back to site.