Sound Reinforcement

Whoever you are communicating to – clients, colleagues or a congregation you want your message to be heard by your audience.

With a sound system from APi Sound and Visual you can reinforce sound in the same room, and if required distribute the sound into additional rooms.

APi choose the most discreet loudspeaker units, whilst always considering optimum performance.  We frequently install column speakers which are visually unobtrusive.  Ceiling speakers are also an option, and if required, we can install weatherproof outdoor speakers, or sound domes so that the narration is confined to a small area – particularly useful in visitor attractions.

Timers can be fitted, so for example, music is played during opening hours only, or with a sensor so sound is only played when people are in the vicinity.

We like to enclose the amplifier, DVD etc with a rack cabinet as this provides a measure of security and increased reliability by fixing things in place.  A choice of cabinet finishes are available to suit the surroundings.

We can also install PA systems with if necessary a paging facility.

We are also experts at fitting induction loops, enabling the hard of hearing to listen directly to the sound system, without background noise.

There are many aspects to consider when a sound reinforcement system is being designed and we at APi Sound and Visual have extensive experience to put at your disposal.  Because we are not tied to a specific manufacturer we can make an informed decision on offering you the best solution for your requirements.

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