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Church Sound Systems

Modern worship demands flexibility and increasingly churches are using sound and projection systems to get their message across.

Installing church sound systems

APi Sound & Visual are experts in installing church sound systems. We've worked with clients across the UK for over 20 years to install their church audio system. We take time to establish a rapport with those who will be the users, to design and install a bespoke system that meets their requirements and budget.

Once a church sound system is installed, we ensure that training takes place to ensure smooth ongoing running of the system.

Church sound systems may include:

  • Sound Reinforcement - to enable the spoken word and music to be heard clearly throughout the building.
  • Projection Systems - show your congregation words, pictures or video and help bring your message to life.
  • Distributed AV Systems - enabling sounds and pictures to be relayed into overspill rooms, e.g. halls and creche facilities.
  • Induction Loop Systems - we are expert installers of induction loop systems, enabling the hard of hearing to listen directly to the sound systems, without background noise.
  • Camera Systems - video and audio recording for distribution via CD/DVD or Web. (You Tube etc)
  • CCTV Discrete Systems - suited to historic buildings.

As church audio specialists our church sound systems are designed and fitted to work in historic buildings.  We are considerate of the aesthetics and aim to provide an unobtrusive an installation as possible. 

For more information about church sound systems and installation, the Church of England have put together a checklist which you may find useful. Click here to see their factsheet.

The Exeter Diocese have also issued some guidance on the Installation of Digital Projectors and screens and on Installing a Sound System. Click on the links below to access these advice sheets:

The Installation of Digital Projectors and Screens

Installing a Sound System

Contact our audio specialists for information on our church sound systems today on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online for a no obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.

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