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Projection & Display

A picture says a thousand words. So why not use images in your presentation and help get your message across?

Projection systems allow the showing of data (such as PowerPoint), video and photos to your audience.  

We can design a system that accommodates even the trickiest room - be that due to its size, shape, lighting levels, or historical nature of the room.

The versatility of modern projectors allows the projector to be placed off to one side, if there is a requirement to partially conceal its existence.

The size of the screen is an important consideration too, yet you may not want it visible at all times.  We can provide a solution where the screen hides away way not in use.  Or we can install the projector to be used with an interactive whiteboard.

APi Sound and Visual has successfully completed many installations where much care has been required to minimise the visual impact of the technology.

From a small scale boardroom, or classroom, to a large lecture theatre, council chamber or immersive presentation within a visitor attraction, APi has the experience to provide the solution suited to your needs. Because we are not tied to a specific manufacturer we can make an informed decision on offering you the best solution for your requirements.

Contact us today on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online for a no obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.

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