Video Conferencing

Colleagues not in the same location as you?  Save the time and expense of travelling and meet virtually using video conferencing.

Technology is constantly evolving and can now be incorporated into a number of different markets to help you, your business and those around you communicate effectively. As travel and time costs are escalating, video conferencing allows you to reduce or limit these costs by enabling you to hold virtual meetings as if you were in the same location. In addition to seeing and hearing the participants, files can be shared, video viewed together and documents and plans collaborated on in real time.

In recent years with the increase in bandwidth and reductions in cost,  video conferencing has moved from the boardroom into all sectors as affordability has opened to all. This has led to the spread of conferencing from traditional high-end dedicated hardware solutions, through the desk top, and on to hand held devices such as tablets. With all of these solutions available, there is of course a wide variation in potential sound and image quality, from basic to high definition. However this allows very low cost access which can prove the usefulness of video conferencing in an organisation, which can be upgraded as take up increases.

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