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Village Halls

APi Sound and Visual have installed systems to equip halls for many needs.

Village Halls need to offer the local community the ability to host a wide range of events, such as cinema nights, planning meetings, training courses, exercise classes, dance and music concerts, and speaking events.

APi Sound and Visual are frequently asked to plan and supply Audio-Visual installations to equip halls for all these eventualities and we have the particular technical understanding to design and specify products that bring all of the necessary functions together to cover the varied requirements of particular events. But more than this we are able to design a system that is importantly simple to operate so that hall administrators don’t have to spend hours setting up and supporting bookings.

Frequently the most difficult task we have to do in our design is to be able to combine the diverse requirements of a sound system for speech and music with the very specific requirements of a surround sound system for cinema use. With that in mind we have come up with our own custom solution combining a digital mixer and surround decoder with our control system, allowing the complicated stuff to happen in the background, whilst offering simple user controls. We have a range of loudspeaker solutions to suit all sizes and building types leading to a neat unobtrusive appearance.

Visually we have access to all of the latest projection technology including long throw lenses and laser projectors offering low maintenance and cost of ownership.

All of these functions add value to the hall as a hub within the community and also offer an opportunity for halls to attract increased revenue.

Such installations have been completed by APi Sound & Visual at village halls in both  Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton, Ashill Cullompton, Sampford Peverill Cullompton, Victory Hall Exminster, South Molton, Kingsley Hall Westward Ho! and Roborough Winkleigh.

A recent client from a hall in North Devon commented: “What we like is your direct experience with halls and the like and understanding our needs.  No up selling, and happy to work within a budget and make pragmatic suggestions along the way.

We have ended up with a future proof quality system within our budget that focuses on what we need to do as opposed to something the engineer likes.  

Also the willingness to repeatedly explain to different people who haven’t been involved initially is extremely helpful for them to understand what is being done and how it works.

In short, no hesitation in recommending”.

Contact us today on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online for a no obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.

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