Straightforward Presentations at Crediton Dairy

Independent dairy drinks producer Crediton dairy approached us to simplify their meeting and boardroom audio visual setup.  They had just simple VGA connectivity on the wall and required more contemporary connection formats like HDMI and Displayport to be available from the central meeting table.

APi Sound & Visual selected a clever connection hub from our large range of products, that is inset in the tabletop and offers VGA, HDMI, Displayport and analogue audio connections.  This also features automatic detection of the input in use and integrated scaling, so that whichever input is used, the signal to the projector is routed via an HDMI connection to maintain the highest image quality.   As the floor box beneath the table only had some wired network ports and pulling in new cables was not possible, we were able to use Blustream HDMI over network cable converters to complete the connection to the projector.

So now when it comes to presentation the participants just turn up, plug in with any device and the sound and pictures are routed to the projector.