Whitehill and Borden Eco-Station, Hampshire

APi Sound & Visual were involved in the development of the Eco-Station, which forms part of the Eco-Town  at Whitehill Borden.  Its purpose is to demonstrate how a redundant building, in this case the disused fire station, can be transformed into an environmentally friendly centre with a drastically reduced carbon footprint.

It hosts an interactive exhibition, with APi Sound & Visual providing three areas of AV equipment: A monitor showing time lapse footage, an information booth installed with a 22” touch screen display and RFID tag card offering visitors a choice of interactive games. Also a 47” HD screen offering 6 videos which visitors can choose from, housed on top of a tractor tyre!  Audio is from the screen’s internal speakers and an induction loop is provided when in close proximity to the display.  All the screens are triggered by a PIR to save energy when the area is vacant.